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Case of the Month - June 2018

This 46 year old female presented to the ED complaining of weakness and numbness to her legs since the day prior with multiple falls due to these symptoms.

Question 1 : What’s wrong with this picture?

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Answer 1:

There is collapse of the T2 vertebral body with narrowing of the spinal canal and a circumferential paraspinal tumor (circle below).

Question 2 : What would you do next?

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Answer 2:

We gave the patient Dexamethasone and requested an emergent neurosurgery consult for concern for cord compression. She underwent emergent T1-T3 decompression and laminectomy and was started on palliative radiotherapy and discharged in stable condition on hospital day 21. She had previously been diagnosed with metastatic endometrial cancer but had been lost of follow up from the outside hospital.

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